Have a look around, there is smart data everywhere!

Nike´s Fuelband is a broken product in my eyes. From a users perspective, there is no vaule added to my running data, but seeing my kilometers on their platform. There was no, lets say, “higher sense” which is funny as many of my clients demand loyalty programs or ask for “Drive to store” activities. Nike had all this on their fingertips, but didn´t manage to integrate this into their whole infrastructure.

This made us think? How may companies use wearables, tracking gear, or any other data source to create a greater benefit for their customers?


This is what we did:We sat together mid of 2014 and had that brainstorming about relevant data sources. We wanted to figure out which tracking tool, which App or platform allows us to pull relevant data that we can create a usecase of. We checked a list of approximately 10 platforms that were already in use by members of our project team, including Nike+, Strava or Runtastic. As the majority of us tracked their running activity using Runtastic, we quickly focused on that single data source. We found a way to pull data from Runtastic and store it on our own platform, once we have the permission und login details of a user, of course!

We committed ourselves to proof that “Big Data” can be turned into “Smart Data” that is useable for something, rather than solely collecting it .

We figured out that so many people run so many kilometers, how about donating these for a good cause. Inspired by the Movember, a movement that raises awareness for prostate and testical cancer, we founded our own movement called #Runvember.

The #Runvember is a movement that donates 1€ for each Kilometer that our members ran in November 2014. Our goal: We run 10.000 KM — the distance from Düsseldorf to Singapore. Lucky us, we also found a sponsor who donated 1 € for each KM. We were ready!

To make a long story short, we had more than 300 runners participating in our movement with close to no media attention, more than 14.000 Kilometers were achieved until the end of November, being said that, our initial goal of 10.000 KM was achieved by the end of with November 23.


But, where does that lead to? What did we proof?

For us, this was a proof that we can create meaningful data, from a source that we haven t thought of in first place! We found a theoretical way to increase engagement with branded platforms, create loyal users and drive to store if used as a rewarding system.

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